Hacks for SADX are here lol

All the information you need here

Hey, on this site you can mainly download SADX hacks which are mine so please don't say you or anyone else made them and give me credit, sorry to sound annoying im just saying lol. I have models here, so that is characters shaped differently and I made them so once again please give me the credit lol. Just say it was made by sm64no1LOL, which is my Youtube name lol , or it came from sm64no1lolhacks.webs.com, thankz I appreciate it!!!!!!!!!

What everything is:

Welcome page - The welcome page lol

Home and guide to this site - This page lol again

Feedback - Let me know what you think of my hacks and my site, yes it was once requests but I stopped doing them.

Email - If you want to email me, go there 

SADX Hacks - Sonic Adventure DX hacks available for download

Links to my other sites - Just links to my other sites lol